Bubbly Butt Collection

How are you treating your skin during the Spring season? Planning for family filled vacations, spring break beach time, or just wanting to get through another day feeling vibrant and happy? This collection can definitely help along the way. Everything from soap to wax melts, this dual-use products collection will have you on your way and feeling good.

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"Be Your Own Brand of Beautiful"

Do you feel voiceless, unheard, or just not taken care of?

From all natural skin care to bags & accessories, our handmade creations help you break away from societal norms, brand ownership and allow you to show the world the person you already know you are.

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Our exclusive items are just that. They cant be found at any other store but here. Why? Because they came from our minds explicitly. The Digital Patterns were created out of needs and a pattern came to life. What wouldn't we do for family? Shadows of Light fragrance was created out of a description from a book and the love of natural fragrance. When they came together an amazing scent was created that became a shop favorite!

Who are we?


Boundless Creations is a company founded on friendship, sisterhood, motherhood, and family.  We have been friends since the EARLY 2000's and actually began with 2 separate businesses.  Over time learning and supporting each other through business, we decided to merge and become one company that would offer women the opportunity to shop in one location for handmade items that would benefit their skin and style while being cost effective and eco-conscious.

Although our company is new, our industry and spirit are not, and we strive to improve upon the quality of what is offered into the world while being eco-friendly and transparent in our operations.