Wallets, Wallets, Wallets....What is your style?

Wallets, Wallets, Wallets....What is your style?

During March, we discussed everything you didn't know you needed to know regarding wallets. From hardware to materials to finding the style that fits your needs.

Materials are dependent on the wallet you are looking for. They also get an extra step I don't normally take in bags: Edge Painting. I use leather paint to give the edges that pop of color! 

Let's go over the two general types of wallets: those that have the raw edges-->

 These Wallets are specially designed for materials that can be painted and not fray on the edges. It is best for vinyl, leather, faux leather, or even waterproof canvas! For the most part, wallets with these types of edges also have faux leather on the interior! 

And those that have rolled edges. These wallets don't have raw edges and can be a mixed media of cotton, canvas, faux leather, and leather:

We also have 4 different hardware (zipper teeth) color choices: gold, gunmetal, antique brass, and rainbow! Though rainbow hardware is a shop favorite!! 

Though the exterior of any wallet will be unique to your styles and fashion, the interior will be a waterproof canvas type materials in single colors. There are many choices in color, but WPC is super easy to keep clean and cuts down on waste, which is always awesome! 

Throughout the month, you also got to watch the process of making a wallet. Though they might be little, wallets are just as time consuming as some of our larger handbags. There is not much room for error the smaller the item you have to make. 

 I will be honest, up until 6 mos ago, I hated making wallets and actually refused to make one. But, eventually I pulled up my big girl pants and taught myself a way to make them that would be easy for me. As you can see in the above picture, I make my card slots in a way that helped put my mind at ease. It was just a straight shot from there to keep them coming!

After we spent the month going over everything we could regarding wallets, the last two weeks we went into custom wallets and how you can design your own (find the video here --> https://fb.watch/caExNCjaqd/); I also laid out a diagram to make it easier to find your perfect style wallet that fits your needs. 

From going out on the town to every day use; or from carrying everything but the kitchen sink to be a minimalist: we do have a wallet that fits everyone: 

We do hope you enjoyed our month long focus on wallets. If you missed it and would like to watch it and catch up check out our Facebook page/group: Boundless Creations. If you want to learn how to make your own wallet, we have Youtube videos here: --> Boundless Creations - YouTube

Thank you for joining us on this journey! We can't wait to see which wallet you choose for yourself or a special person in your life.