About Us

About us!

  We both started the way everyone starts, or at least how I think everyone starts, with a long hot shower and the peace to absorb all the ideas raining down on you. 
 Hello, I am Regina Winfield and one of the Founders of Boundless Creations, LLC.  I am blessed to be a wife, mother of 3, daughter, sister, and best friend.  The past few years I have been wondering, what am I putting on my skin?  What am I putting in my hair?  Why is my eczema flaring up so bad?  How can I naturally heal without the use of medicines?  Can my hair grow longer and thicker? The voices in my head grew so loud, (yea I know you get those too), that I had to listen.  I started to look into natural herbs and what would work for skin the best.  I began to look and learn slowly about Ayurveda and how it has helped many women in the community to increase the growth and retention in their hair.  I am still learning as we can never stop gaining knowledge but with the little I have learned I have wanted to share in helping others in the skin and hair journeys.  I am still on mine because I will forever grow and learn.  Desire's sewing adventure began when she moved into her new home and the "tree hugger" couldn't find any cloth napkins to start her green journey. 

Our mission at Boundless Creations, LLC is to help people break away from societal norms and brand ownership, by helping people show the best version of themselves creatively, uniquely, and unapologetically.  We are here to show that you are your best self, head to toe, inside and out.


To offer versatility in our creativity to everyone at a great price with customization in mind.