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Everything is amazing from the Zip Code Game

Everything is great and well made!
1. Coffee Brown Sugar Scrub:
I have used once a week (twice) since receiving and this has helped with itching on my shins and calves due to ecxema. I noticed a difference almost immediately after first use no itching.
2. Spiced Euphoria handmade soap:
This smells amazing! I can't wait until it comes available again! This has helped my eczema too.
3. Turmeric and Activated Charcoal face soap:
This stuff works! I have used almost everyday since receiving and looking at the bar you would think it's never been used (when they say it will last a long while- it will). My face feels cleaner, softer, and clearer.
4. Rainbow Girl Body Butter:
I loved this scent since the peaches and cream candle was released over a year ago (purchased 2- that's how much I love it) and to be able leave the house with my skin feeling good and smelling good is a plus.
5. Stitch/Disney key fob:
When I saw this in the mail I feel in love. My nephew, my sister(his mom) and I have a mutual love for stitch and I use this for keys I dont want on my regular key fob. This is the smaller size of key fob and its perfect.
6. T-shirt, black, size large, "Snakes and Roses":
The design is amazing. The size is just right. I have only washed twice and worn once and the design is still intact.
7. Boundless Wax Melts:
They sell amazing! I have not used yet but will soon.
Again, I love it all. The ladies at Boundless Creations rock!